The appeal for Fado was born as a child and, at the age of 13, Joana Amendoeira became the winner of the Great Night of Porto Fado. Today, more than 20 years since living in Fado, nine recorded albums and after having stepped on some of the most prestigious stages all over the world, Joana Amendoeira stays true to the traditional sounds, adding an attitude and energy that make her a odd fadista.

Muito Depois

2016 ∙ CNM

“Muito Depois” reflects the more than 20 years of experience in Fado and has themes from various authors, lyricists and composers of today, such as Tiago Torres da Silva, Joaquim Pessoa, Vasco Graça Moura, Natália Correia and others.
With the production of the poet Tiago Torres da Silva, the traditional sonority of this album was enriched with the different hues of the special guests, such as Pedro Jóia, in Classical Guitar, Filipe Raposo on piano and Paulo de Carvalho, with whom she recorded the first duet of his career . These guests joined the group of wonderful musicians composed by Pedro Amendoeira, in Portuguese Guitar, Rogério Ferreira, in Viola de Fado and António Quintino, in Double bass.

Amor Mais Perfeito

Tributo a José Fontes Rocha

2012 ∙ CNM

Conceptual album in homage to the master of Portuguese Guitar, José Fontes Rocha, where the Fado singer interprets 12 of the most important compositions of the musician. Joana presents this tribute as a “celebration of the talent and mastery of one of the most important composers of Fado”.

Accompanied by Pedro Amendoeira, in the Portuguese Guitar, Rogério Ferreira, in Viola de Fado and Paulo Paz, in the Double bass, this is a cohesive work full of feeling.

Sétimo Fado

2010 ∙ Nosso Fado

Starting from a training based on the Portuguese guitar, viola and double bass, on the disc “Sétimo Fado” again inviting other instruments, in this case the piano, the accordion, the cello and the percussion.
Together with Pedro Pinhal and Filipe Raposo the Fado singer signs the production and musical conception of the work, bringing together a series of lyricists or poets, such as João Fezas Vital, João Monge, Vasco Graça Moura, Rosa Lobato Faria, José Luis Peixoto, Pedro Tamen, Fernando Girão, Amélia Muge, Tiago Torres da Silva, Helder Moutinho, Pedro Assis Coimbra and Pedro Rapoula.
In addition to the traditional fados where the words written by some of the names mentioned above can be found, a number of new fados have been signed by several composers such as Bernardo Sassetti, Pedro Pinhal, Paulo Paz, Pedro Girendo, Filipe Raposo, Davide Zaccaria and Joana Amendoeira herself.

Joana Amendoeira & Mar Ensemble (CD+DVD ao vivo)

2008 ∙ HM Música

In Portimão, in November 2007, Joana Amendoeira (voice), Pedro Amendoeira (Portuguese guitar), Pedro Pinhal (viola de fado), Paulo Paz (double bass) and Filipe Raposo (accordion) met in a reflection around the repertoire of the Fado singer for a performance with Orquestra do Algarve. The result was one of the most emblematic shows in the history of his life.
As it would not be possible to leave a night as memorable as this one, the idea arose to create an ensemble to join the voice of Joana Amendoeira and her quartet, thus forming a show with arrangements by João Godinho, who would debut in the Plaza of Arms of the Castle of São Jorge, in Lisbon, within the scope of the feast of the Fado, in June of 2008.
From this show came the sixth disc of the Fado singer, this time recorded and filmed to become a live disc with DVD offer.
The Mar Ensemble, created specifically for this show with the direction of Paulo Moreira (cello), also counts on the presence of António Barbosa (first violin), Paula Pestana (second violin), Ricardo Mateus (viola d’arco), Maria Rosa (flute), Rui Travasso (clarinet), Carlos Alberto (trumpet) and João Carlos (trumpet).
This album received the award for “Best Fado Album 2008” from the Amália Rodrigues Foundation.

À Flor da Pele

2006 ∙ HM Música

The fifth album, “À flor da pele”, is based on a progressive cleansing of a very personal and unique style.
To speak of  “À flor da pele” is also to speak of poetry, and therefore the criterion manifested in the choice of the poems present in this work is evident, especially since some of them were written by some of the most creative authors of Portugal: Pedro Homem de Melo, Agostinho da Silva, Fernando Pessoa, José Luís Peixoto, Pedro Assis Coimbra, Rodrigo Serrão or Helder Moutinho.
Custódio Castelo signed the production of this record with the participation of the musicians Pedro Amendoeira, in the Portuguese Guitar, Pedro Pinhal, in the Viola de Fado and Paulo Paz, in the Double bass, which were premiered here as composers.

Ao Vivo Em Lisboa

2005 ∙ CNM

After being awarded the 2004 Revelation Prize by Casa da Imprensa, the album “Ao vivo em Lisboa” is the first live album recorded in its first solo show in one of the most prestigious venues in Lisbon – São Luiz Municipal Theater, in the month of November 2004.

He had the special participation of José Fontes Rocha, in Portuguese Guitar, Susana Castro Santos, in the Cello and his companions of road Pedro Amendoeira, in Portuguese Guitar, Pedro Pinhal, in Viola de Fado and João Penedo, in Double bass.

Joana Amendoeira

2003 ∙ CNM

“Joana Amendoeira” is the homonym title for the third album that is the first in adulthood. Of the thirteen themes interpreted, eleven are traditional fados with original poems.

In this disc she explores, in addition to the accompaniments of Portuguese Guitar, by Custódio Castelo, Viola de Fado, by Carlos Manuel Proença and Viola Baixo, by Marino de Freitas, the sound of the Violoncelo, by Vicente Shuaqui, on the beautiful theme “Amor mais perfeito” in which José Fontes Rocha participated in Guitarra Portuguesa. It counted on the Musical Production of Carlos Manuel Proença and Co-Production and investigation of repertoire of Aldina Duarte.

Aquela Rua

2000 ∙ Espacial

The second album, titled “Aquela Rua” is an album that includes several versions of the main references from Fado, also counting on some original subjects.

With the production of Jorge Fernando and the participation of musicians Custódio Castelo, in Portuguese Guitar, Carlos Manuel Proença, Viola de Fado, Marino de Freitas, Viola Baixo and Ricardo Cruz, in Double bass, as a guest musician in two themes.

Olhos Garotos

1998 ∙ Espacial

A debut album that denotes a predilection for a traditional repertoire, singing several versions of its Fado references.

She is accompanied by Paulo Parreira, in Portuguese Guitar, João Mário Veiga, in Viola de Fado and by veteran and Mestre Joel Pina, in Viola Baixo.